American Heart Month!

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February is American Heart Month. As we come close to “National Wear Red Day,” 2016, I am reminded of how much every second counts. Just like a birthday or anniversary, it is a reminder to tap the brakes on our busy lives and pay attention to someone that matters to us each and every day. It’s our time to stop and thank the legions of individuals who have taken it upon themselves to support and care for someone with heart disease, including loved ones, physicians and nurses who deliver the highest of care, and researchers who strive to develop new treatments. Thus, survivors who inspire us with their courage and give hope to others by sharing their personal stories. I often find myself in awe hearing stories from the adults and children who suffer from heart disease, courageous survivors, or by a loved one who has lost someone close to them. Their willingness to show us their pain in hopes of lessening the suffering of others is the purest form of charity, strength, and bravery. There are the countless volunteers and advocates who help raise awareness and educate others in our communities making a difference each and every day. I give thanks to all of them for their selflessness. All of them continue to make a difference, regardless of the month or season. Four years of saving lives, Rescue Heart Foundation’s work continues. I’m excited to see what the future holds and to work with Rescue Heart’s volunteers to keep burning the passion we feel every February and all year round, to find meaningful ways to save and improve lives in our communities. There is not a moment to lose, and a great deal to be gained by becoming leading health advocates. A proactive attitude is our key to success, and to have the will to take action. We take each day as a golden opportunity to build a healthier future.

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