What People Are Saying

Dr. Thomas Benvenuti, MD FACC

Chairman of Cardiology, Hoag Memorial Hospital

-2Far too many of our loved ones are dying of heart attacks before they even reach the hospital. Many times the first symptom is sudden death from an arrhythmia due to the underlying heart attack.

If we can intervene with CPR and emergency defibrillation with an AED, many of these patients will survive. This arrhythmia may even occur in teenagers from a baseball hitting the chest or a blow to the sternum.

I feel placing AEDs in our communities will help these individuals during their critical time of need.

I appreciate and support the work by Mrs. Angela Edgerly and the Rescue Heart Foundation.

Katie Lentile


childrenAngie participated on our trip to Haiti in 2010.  Her love and dedication to help others is apparent in all that she does and never ceases to amaze me.

The Rescue Heart Foundation is an incredible organization that is passionate about helping hearts, physically and emotionally.

I am honored to have met Angie.

Dr. Colette Cozean

President and CEO of Abela Pharmaceuticals

imagesI first met Angie on a mission trip to Africa, where I was deeply impressed by her nursing ability and compassion for those in need.

I am thrilled she has created the Rescue Heart Foundation dedicated to placing life-saving equipment in our communities.

Justin Darby

Director of Marketing, AED.com

Rescue-Heart-Foundation-CEOHere at AED.com, when we decided to give away 100 AEDs this year we knew we were going to be touched by many of the stories we would hear.

What we didn’t realize was just how touching these stories would be.

There are many organizations and individuals who are making a difference and spreading awareness about Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Rescue Heart Foundation is one who stood out to us and touched our hearts.