Bringing Automated External Defibrillators (AED) to the Local Community

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Rescue Heart in the News

The OC Register highlights Rescue Heart’s mission to Haiti. Angie Edgerly delivers AED to orphanage.

Why a Neighborhood AED

Seconds matter–a nearby AED raises survival rates over 400%. We’re here to make your community safer.

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Together We Can Move Mountains

It may be a figure of speech but when you join hearts and hands with those who care, anything is possible.  I have never drifted through life, I am a determined individual; when I know what I want, I go after it, sew the seeds of success, and work hard to achieve it.  Going with the flow of life just isn’t a part of who I am.  You’ll usually find me looking for challenges, seeking ways to make positive change and diving into unknown situations.  Embracing a new journey...

A Hand Full of Kindness and a Heart Full of Love

I want to give a shout-out to the wonderful staff at REI, especially one lady in particular who went one step above and beyond delivering great customer service.  Not only that but, she left me with a smile, big and radiant, and with a heart full of gratitude.  I went to the store to purchase my first pair of biking shoes with clips; the ones that allow you to go the distance.  Having never used them before and with all the choices that are available, I went armed with...

Thank You RHF Sponsors!

03/08/2014  Today brings mixed emotions.  It’s time for the Annual Heart Run/Walk.  I am ever so proud of our 10-yr old son, Dylan.  He has walked by my side every year since he was 5-yrs old and since my cardiac arrest.  Never once complains or ask why he has to be up at the crack of dawn to walk miles; he just knows this day has special meaning and we both rejoice in it.  This morning we will be walking for all those that are defying the odds, those...

Central Park–Getting an AED into the Heart of New York City

Quite honestly, I did not know where to start having never been to Central Park.  All I knew was that it was of a large scale and that we needed to find a secure location for the AED. I wasn’t about to let any obstacle deter me. Mayor Bloomberg is obviously a very busy man and I respect the work that he does for the City of NY but I also believe that the work Rescue Heart does is of importance, and if saving lives and making a community...

Central Park–It Started with a Letter

Lynda Zussman mailed a letter to my home after reading the published “2009, Putting her heart into it” newspaper article. Lynda shared the events of what occurred in Central Park, Memorial Day, 2008 when her beloved daughter, Lauren collapsed. Lauren Zussman, a 26 year-old Ford Model, was studying to be a Life Coach at New York University.  She resided in Manhatten for 5 years of her life, but her roots were in Southern California – Newport Beach.  Tragically, Lauren collapsed in Central Park while out for a jog with...

Rescue Heart Foundation is Proactive in Protecting Our Kids

The Boys and Girls Club of America oversees youth development programs in the areas of education, sports, fitness, character and leadership for all school-aged children including teens.  All of which help kids thrive!  All too often heart disease goes undetected with our younger generation and unfortunately, headlines remind us of the every day tragedies that occur when you hear of a child suddenly collapsing of sudden cardiac arrest during sports activity or at any given moment.  We must all remember that heart disease can affect everyone.  There is no...